Did you know that your Soul has a blueprint?

A Soul Realignment™ Soul Blueprint reading

can tell you exactly what it looks like!

Discover your blueprint, what drives you, and how to align with your Divinity!

Soul Blueprint; Discover your Divine Self Expression

Akashic Record Readings

Angie ZXUH, Advanced Soul Realignment™ Practitioner

Over the course of my studies in the Soul Realignment modality, I have learned so much about how what is contained in our Akashic record can impact our day to day lives. “Negative” choices and actions made in past lives can actually leave an imprint on our current human experience! No matter how many readings I do, I am always amazed at how the information I receive from the Akashic record resonates with the client, and how impactful the clearing work can be. When we identify patterns of choice and actions that keep us from aligning with our Divinity, then clear those blocks and restrictions, manifesting our best life becomes so much easier!

Soul Realignment™

There is so much information available in your Akashic Record. Using the Soul Realignment™ method, we can identify choices that are keeping you from your Divine Soul Purpose. Choices we don’t even remember making may be having an impact on our current situation. Are there things you do over and over and wonder why? Schedule a blueprint reading and find out! We’ll not only give you the information, but, in addition, the tools you need to move forward! In addition to the basic reading, which also includes property clearing, we can add:

—Life Situation Readings

—Life Lesson Readings

—Relationship Readings

—Comprehensive Chakra Analysis

—Spirit Guide Coaching

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