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AUMAKHUA-KI® Certified Master Practitioner, Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner

“You are a SPONGE for negative energy.”

Yes, this is what I was told. I am a SPONGE for negative energy. What does that even mean? I am an EMPATH. If you are here, you probably are too. It was the truth, but, the problem is, the person who told me I am that sponge DID NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT! So, I set off on a path of discovery to figure it out. It lead me to all kinds of new things, and, eventually, where I am now.

Let me tell you, there are a lot of people out there with a lot of cockamamie ideas on what to do if you are an empath. I used to be one of them. I would be paralyzed if I “forgot” to put up my “protective bubble”.  I went to psychics, mediums, crystal shops, (ok, I still go to the crystal shop “now and then”), searching for a way to squeeze out the “SPONGE”.  What I discovered is this: There is too much FEAR-BASED information out there! In my search, I have become aware that the way to control the sponge is to learn to be in control of my own energy. I am now an AUMAKHUA-KI® Instructor and Master Practitioner, a Certified Crystal Healer, and passionate about helping YOU gain control of YOUR own energy. If you too, struggle with the effects of the energy around you, you will really appreciate this: I can now stand in the middle of the grocery store on a Saturday morning, close my eyes, and meditate. (Although I don’t actually do that, because even I recognize that it would look a little wierd.) Work with me and I can show you how you can gain control of your energy, be less reactive, and have some fun in the process!

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