Lasting Serenity Group Events

Monthly and One of a Kind Events

Crystal Meditation

Monthly Event

By far, the most popular event at Lasting Serenity!
Each meditation is unique, depending on the crystals that are chosen to grid the room. The crystals are set up in the space, and during the meditation, the balancing energy of The “Bliss Frequency”, Aumakhua-Ki® is beamed through the grid, offering a high-frequency balancing meditation. This meditation is great for new or experienced meditators. Leave the space feeling more relaxed, connected, and balanced.

4th Sundays Monthly

Energy Shares

All Modalities Welcome!

Join us for a couple of hours of self-care. Whether you are a practitioner or non-practitioner, this is a great way to get some energy work in a fun and welcoming setting. Many of us who practice energy work forget to take care of ourselves, take this once a month opportunity to take care of you! We work in groups, so everyone receives a 20 minute (approx.) session from multiple practitioners.

3rd Sundays Monthly.

Oracle Reading Shares

Exchange Card Readings 

These shares give an opportunity to practice working with the cards in a safe, non-judgemental space. Every time we hold a share, we are noticing more and more connection to the people in the room. The share begins with a little “intuition expanding” exercise, then we do the readings in a “Round Robin” format, where we take turns reading for each other. Bring your favorite deck, or there are plenty to choose from at the space! Whether you are brand new and curious about the cards, an experienced reader, or somewhere in between, this event is always a lot of fun!

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