Crystal Healing is about so much more than sessions! We incorporate crystals into all of the work, from meditation to energy shares!
Crystal Healing Sessions


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Crystal Meditation

A Signature Event!

This is, by far, the most popular event! Using the energy of the crystals, combined with the “Bliss Frequency” of AumaKhua-Ki®, this meditation is powerful, transformational, and energizing. Many long time attendees have noted significant shifts in their day to day lives.

I grid the entire room with a combination of crystals that are ready to work, then charge them with the beautiful AK frequency. This is a semi-guided and channeled meditation, so it is different every time. My guides respond to the energy and need in the room. Held regularly twice a month on the 2rd Sunday Morning and 3rd Friday Evening , with additional meditations scheduled on special days, such as the Full Moon, New Moon, etc.

Whether you are new to meditation, or have been practicing for a long time, this Journey type channeled meditation is for you! The energy in the room is the perfect environment for connecting to your inner and higher wisdom!

Crystal Play


I have loved and been collecting crystals since I was a little girl. I have always thought they were beautiful, but it wasn’t until I started working with them in meditation and my own healing and balancing journey that I realized just how powerful they are. The ability of crystals to balance and entrain our energy is something everyone should experience!

I have discovered a very effective crystal healing method for healing past life issues, this is a focused session that integrates crystals, and special layouts to connect with and heal past life issues that are creating restrictions in your current life. Check out an energy session to learn more!

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My Personal View…

There is a substantial amount of good information on Crystals and how to use them out there. You can look up the properties of a crystal on the internet, you can take a Crystal Healer Course, take a class at a local shop, or look them up in a book. I have done all of the above, and learned quite a bit! There are also many people out there who will tell you that you can build a crystal grid “wrong”, you need to bury your crystals in salt to clear them of negative energy, (note that salt can actually damage many crystals), and that if they break, you have over-used them. This is what I think: first and foremost, they are ROCKS. That said, I communicate often with my crystals, and can use my intuition to understand how to combine them, use them, and choose which ones wish to go home with me. When I build a grid, it is with no trepidation that I might do it “wrong”, as the crystals tell me where they want to go. As for broken crystals, if you drop one on a ceramic floor, it almost certainly will break, and if it does, now you have two! (Or in the case of my Vanadanite, six.) In my travels in the Crystal world, I have found that most crystals require little to keep them “clear”, there are some crystals that can clear others by proximity, and that I mostly find that the ones that are useful for sadness, like Apache Tear and Goethite, are the ones that need the most help. My point: Work with them, try different layouts and grids! Hang out with people that love them! You may find that you have an affinity for working with them too.

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