Lasting Serenity What can I expect in a Session?
AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing Sessions

Before the Session:
With the exception of your shoes, AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing sessions are done fully clothed. Avoid heavy perfumes, constrictive clothing, and watches. Your practitioner will have a conversation with you prior to the session, to let you know what to expect, and to discuss any particular issues you may be having. You will be given an intake form, with a basic health history, and consent form to sign.

During the Session:
AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing Sessions can be done on a massage table (which most people prefer, as it is the most relaxing), or in a chair. As the session begins, the practitioner will do an assessment of your energy centers (also known as chakras) and your auric field. This allows the practitioner to determine where there are energetic imbalances, possible mental or emotional connections to those imbalances, and can give you a suggested plan of action to shift and change your energy. The session itself has the practitioner moving around the table, hovering hands over your energy centers, 2 or 3 inches from the body. As the energy does its work, you may feel heat, cold, tingling, or honestly, nothing at all. Whatever you feel is perfect, the energy balancing IS taking place. Throughout the session your practitioner will be re-assessing your energy centers (chakras) in order to direct the work When the session is finished, your practitioner will instruct you to open your eyes and sit up slowly, and give yourself a few minutes to re-acclimate to the surroundings.

After the Session:

There will be time to discuss any mental/emotional issues that presented during the session. You will be given some homework, to maintain the balance achieved in the session. This may include: affirmations, grounding exercises, meditations, and recommendations for additional sessions. Most people leave feeling refreshed and energized!

Crystal Healing Sessions

Before the Session
There will be an intake form to fill out, which contains a brief health history, and helps you identify for the practitioner anything you would like to address during the session. Crystal sessions are done using the collection of crystals and minerals that belong to the space. After a brief discussion about your hopes and goals for the session, we will begin.

During the Session
The sessions are done fully clothed, and do involve placing crystals on or around your body, in order to balance and entrain your energy to the frequency of that crystal. For example, a piece of Rose Quartz may be placed over your heart, to help balance love and emotional issues causing your Heart Chakra to be imbalanced. You may feel your energy start to move through your body, heat, tingling, or nothing at all. Whatever you feel is perfect! Crystal healing sessions are a little more serene, beginning with a short guided “meditation”, an assessment of your energy, then crystals for your session are chosen. They are placed based on the energetic imbalances. There will be music in the background, to bring your brainwaves into a relaxing Theta state. The same crystals may remain for the entire session, or may be changed based on a re-assessment of your Chakras and Energy. The whole session will be performed in a way that encourages deep relaxation. You should leave your session feeling balanced and refreshed! When the session closes, you will be encouraged to take a few moments to re-acclimate to your surroundings.

After the Session

There will be time for discussion after the session. Through that discussion you may receive affirmations, crystal recommendations, or even a recommendation for a crystal grid. You’ll also get a list of the crystals used during your session, so that if you had a particular favorite, you would know what to look for.

Soul Realignment™ Soul Blueprinting

Did you know that your Soul has a blueprint? We manifest our reality through our choices and beliefs. A Soul Realignment™ reading accesses YOUR Akashic Record, to discover your own individual path to your Divinity. When you schedule your first reading, you will be asked to provide your Name, Name at Birth, Date of Birth, Place of Birth. This is to ensure that we accurately reach the correct record in the “Akashic Library”.

We are only reading the Soul Blueprint, if you are looking for past life names, dates, and places, this is probably not the reading for you. We are looking to connect to your Divine Soul Expression, and your current human experience. The clearing work can help you clear blocks and restrictions that are creating patterns in your life that are keeping you out of balance and alignment.

The initial reading identifies your own gifts and ways of manifesting your own human experience. We’ll find the choices that are blocking or restricting you from that path, and give you the tools to overcome them so that you may be more aligned with your own Divinity. Available as a single reading, or ongoing coaching, in subsequent readings we can “dial in” to more specific choices and situations, to discover ways to attract into your life all that aligns with your own Divinity.

Available are: Comprehensive Chakra Analysis; Life Situation Readings; Life Lesson Readings; Relationship Readings; and Connecting and working with your own personal team of Spirit Guides! The readings are done remotely, and consultation/coaching can be live or on ZOOM Cloud Meetings.Discover your Divine Soul Expression! Schedule a consultation today!

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