Empowering YOU to gain control of your energy and align with your best life!

Hi, Angie ZXUH here! I am completely entranced by all things energy! Growing up in the 60’s & 70’s, we just didn’t have access to learning about energy the way we do today. So, over the years, my abilities got “buried” or “shoved up in the attic”…when life became about surviving, raising children, and figuring out how to earn a living.
Since learning AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation and being on the Master Instructor path, all of those abilities have again been unearthed….dusted off so to speak. That connecting is what brings me to my unique way of working…whether it is in a private session, or a group meditation or event. What I really love is helping other people “dust off” or uncover information for themselves!
I have done this with group work, private sessions, crystal configurations and/or customized meditations that allow the person to access the information they already have a connection to. Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, or Akashic Information. I love empowering you to be in control of your own energy.
I offer AumaKhua-Ki® Sessions and Workshops, Group Meditations, Group Parties (my place or yours), Oracle/Tarot Readings, Akashic Record work, and Property Clearing (in person or distance). My goal is always this: Empowering you to gain control of your own energy. Be the master of your own domain.

Balance Your Energy

Sessions to balance your Chakras and Energy. Using the frequency of AumaKhua-Ki® and the energy of crystals.



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Once described as “Reiki on steroids” AumaKhua-Ki® is called “The Bliss Frequency” by those who are attuned to it.      LEARN MORE



Weekly Group Events

Crystal Meditation, Collaborations with other artists, Meet your guides, Akashic Record meditations, so much to choose from. Visit our Facebook Page @lastingserenity for details.



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