Did you know that your Soul has a blueprint? A Soul Realignment™ Soul Blueprint reading can tell you exactly what it looks like!

Discover your blueprint, what drives you, and how to align with your Divinity!

Soul Realignment™ Readings

Did you know that your Soul has a blueprint? We manifest our reality through our choices and beliefs. A Soul Realignment™ reading accesses YOUR Akashic Record, to discover your own individual path to your Divinity. The initial reading identifes your own gifts and ways of manifesting your own human experience. We’ll find the choices that are blocking or restricting you from that path, and give you the tools to overcome them so that you may be more aligned with your own Divinity. Available as a single reading, or ongoing coaching, in subsequent readings we can “dial in” to more specific choices and situations, to discover ways to attract into your life all that aligns with your own Divinity. Available are: Comprehensive Chakra Analysis; Life Situation Readings; Life Lesson Readings; Relationship Readings; and Connecting and working with your own personal team of Spirit Guides! The readings are done remotely, and consultation/coaching can be live or on ZOOM Cloud Meetings. Schedule a consultation today!

Draw me my blueprint!

Soul Realignment™

There is so much information available in your Akashic Record. Using the Soul Realignment™ method, we can identify choices that are keeping you from your Divine Soul Purpose. Choices we don’t even remember making may be having an impact on our current situation. Are there things you do over and over and wonder why? Schedule a blueprint reading and find out! We’ll not only give you the information, but, in addition, the tools you need to move forward! In addition to the basic reading, which also includes property clearing, we can add:

—Life Situation Readings

—Life Lesson Readings

—Relationship Readings

—Comprehensive Chakra Analysis

—Spirit Guide Coaching

Click “Draw me my blueprint” for pricing and scheduling.

Draw me my blueprint!
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