Oracle Readings at Lasting Serenity

August, 2017 Meet the Readers

Angie ZXUH

AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master, Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Crystal Healer, Advanced Soul Realignment™ Practitioner

Angie ZXUH is a Certified Angel Card Reader and an Akashic Reader. Her approach to the cards is a bit different, combining the practices of reading the runes, and an ability to notice and point out patterns that develop within the cards. Using this information, she’ll help you identify patterns of choice that can be shifted to align with your own Divine Soul Expression.

Tamara Gold

AumaKhua-Ki® Master Instructor, Master Holistic Life Coach, Advanced Soul Realignment™ Practitioner

Tamara Gold is a lifelong intuitive with a spectacular connection to the Higher Wisdom, and an energetic approach rooted in precise psyche meets soul pattern awareness, emotional clearing and gift expression. A Soulfueled Business coach that brings insight and wisdom to all of her readings. Identifying your Divine Gift expression helps you to align with your best life!

Donna Ricordati

Reiki Master, Life-long Tarot Reader, Holistic Practitioner

Donna Ricordati has been working with and studying different modalities and Divination for many years. Focusing on the Tarot cards, she finds them a very practical tool. Her intention is to provide insight and empower those dealing with issues in their everyday lives. She gets right to the heart of the matter, and can identify a clear path to what you want to manifest.

Monthly Oracle Reading Event at Lasting Serenity

This Oracle Reading event is where we have guest readers at the space. It’s a great way for you experience a reading if you’ve never had one, and connect with new insights if you have. The cost is $30 for 30 minutes, or $25 pre-paid. We love to share what we’ve learned, and hope to see you soon! Check out the event on Facebook here.

Slots Will Fill Quickly!

Save your slot, save $5 by taking advantage of the pre-paid discount! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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