Angie ZXUH, AUMAKHUA-KI® Master and Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner

By connecting to YOUR story in the Akashic Records, I can help you identify patterns of choice, blocks, and restrictions that are keeping you from manifesting your best life! By aligning with your Divinity, it can help you attract the abundance you crave, create a less reactive state, and discover what your Divine Soul Purpose is!

Create an action plan that will help you manifest and align with your Divinity!!!
What can a Soul Realignment™ reading do for you?
Identify your Soul-Level energetic qualities
Figure out your “operating system”, which will help you understand how to manifest
Identify patterns of choice that are affecting alignment with your Divinity
Clear blocks and restrictions that are keeping you from aligning with your Divine Soul Purpose

Increase your own connection to higher guidance


Such a Gift! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Angie several times. Through the Soul Realignment process & oracle cards Angie was able to identify my guides, blocks and where they originated from. Being an intuitive myself I am aware of my guides and blocks, but without any knowledge about me Angie “nailed” them. She is the real deal whose soul sparkles from the inside out! Whether you are just beginning to understand your guides, have been communicating with them for years or just want to know what’s blocking you from moving forward, Angie is able to use her skills as an intuitive to give you a clear and different perspective to help you do so. I highly recommend her! Valerie Wood

Angel Channel & Medium

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