AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing Sessions

All too often, I hear “As an Empath, I can’t”… I was one of those people. I couldn’t go to the grocery store on a Saturday morning, the energy was just too intense. I couldn’t handle the highway during traffic, not because I was afraid to drive, but again, because the energy was just too intense. I would never see a sad movie in a theater, because the emotions evoked would be overwhelming to me. So I sought out a solution. I found many…”surround yourself in a protective bubble” it worked, but if I forgot??? Oh the horror. Carry around black tourmaline in your pockets, helped, but I was constantly finding them in the washing machine. Here’s what I found: gaining control of my own energy field made all of those useful things unnecessary for me! AUMAKHUA-KI® has been a powerful tool for me to keep the energy in control. Daily Self-Care AUMAKHUA-KI® Sessions have made all the difference! Think of your energy field like an energetic “immune system”, you do what you can to strengthen your physical immune system, right? This is no different. A strong energetic immune system can keep you from being overwhelmed by the energy around you! What can I expect in a session?

Crystal Chakra Balancing Sessions


Studying crystal healing has been some of the most fascinating work in my journey as a holistic coach. I always knew I loved crystals. (I’m going to buy just one crystal today, said no one EVER!) I am a collector. But, as I studied, and learned what workhorses they can be, rather than just a sparkly collection, they have become a much used tool in my balancing practice. In the beginning, I carried Black Tourmaline to help keep my Empathic Reactions at bay, but they are now so much more than that. Using the power of intention, crystals help us connect to the energy of the Earth, keeping us grounded and balanced, and allowing us to manifest and bring things we desire into the physical world. You can expect to leave a crystal session feeling balanced and refreshed, and combined with the other services I offer, transforming your day to day is the goal! Progress can be made in as little as 30 minutes, which can leave you grounded and centered. If you have an hour, we can address some more specific issues! I’ll give you some “homework”, and many times you will leave with a recommendation of crystals to work with at home. What can I expect in a session?


Soul Realignment™ Soul Blueprint Readings

Did you know that your Soul has a blueprint? We manifest our reality through our choices and beliefs. A Soul Realignment™ reading accesses YOUR Akashic Record, to discover your own individual path to your Divinity. The initial reading identifes your own gifts and ways of manifesting your own human experience. We’ll find the choices that are blocking or restricting you from that path, and give you the tools to overcome them so that you may be more aligned with your own Divinity. Available as a single reading, or ongoing coaching, in subsequent readings we can “dial in” to more specific choices and situations, to discover ways to attract into your life all that aligns with your own Divinity. Available are: Comprehensive Chakra Analysis; Life Situation Readings; Life Lesson Readings; Relationship Readings; and Connecting and working with your own personal team of Spirit Guides! The readings are done remotely, and consultation/coaching can be live or on ZOOM Cloud Meetings.
Discover your Divine Soul Expression!
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What can I expect in a session?
AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing & Meditation Classes & Events


Together, Tamara Gold and Angie ZXUH founded AKMIDWEST Training & Research. With a mission statement of “Educate, Empower, Inspire.”, we are dedicated to sharing the AUMAKHUA-KI® Frequency! We offer live in-person and online webinar classes to learn AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing and Meditation. In-Person classes are offered at the Lasting Serenity Studio in Crystal Lake, IL, webinars are conducted via ZOOM Cloud Meetings.
In these classes, you are attuned to the AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing and Meditation frequency, taught valuable assessment skills that allow you to effectively balance your own energy, and that of your clients. The benefits of learning from the Akmidwest Training Group include:

Online and live ongoing support
Daily encouragement
Access to the private support group
Guidance through the certification requirements
A sincere desire to see you succeed!

What I think:


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Do Your Actions Support Your Goals?

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As an Empath….

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